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The Faroe Islands Study Circle was formed in 1991. It was established to bring together collectors of Faroe Islands' postage stamps, postmarks, postal history and so on. It allows collectors to share information about their interests. Many of the Study Circle's members also have a more general interest in the Faroe Islands - their geography, history, flora & fauna, transportation, etc - and so the Study Circle also endeavours to cater for these wider interests.

Although based in the United Kingdom, the Study Circle has a geographically widespread membership. There are now members in many countries.

The Study Circle's award-winning journal (called "238") and newsletter are currently both sent to members twice a year. The Study Circle also arranges postal auctions and is publishing an ongoing series of picture postcards. Meetings are arranged when opportunity permits. Regional meetings - as well as individual contacts - for members living within relatively close proximity, are encouraged. Visits to the Faroes were arranged by the Study Circle in 1993 and 1996.

The Study Circle has an organising committee. All committee members are elected by the membership and serve for two-year periods.

Above all, the Study Circle strives to be an informal, friendly society, providing a mutually-beneficial service to help all members pursue and further their individual interests in the Faroe Islands.

Membership of the Study Circle costs 12.00 £ per year for ELECTRONIC delivery to all UK and worldwide addresses. POSTAL delivery to UK addresses costs 18.00 £, to European addresses costs 25.00 £, and to all addresses outside Europe costs 30.00 £.

SECRETARY: Norman Hudson, 40 Queen's Road, Vicar's Cross, Chester, CH3 5HB, Great Britain
e-mail: Secretary